Let Go of Your Shame Revisited

Lewis Woods, Rocky River Reservation, Ohio

Lewis Woods, Rocky River Reservation, Ohio




I picked this song tonight because it talks about something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. We’ve all felt it.  Shame.  But the only way to be free, to heal, to be what we’re meant to be is to let it go.  And what we are meant to be is happy.  We are meant to love and be loved.  And no one on this planet, I don’t care what authority they use to justify their position, has the right to make you feel ashamed.  You’re beautiful right where you are in your own journey.

When crafting my story, The Guardian’s Playlist, I needed to create an image of Angels.  Rather than focus on what many people claim Angels are, I focused on what most people believe they are not…human.  So in my story Angels are much closer to God than we are and have a tangible connection to Him, so their faith never wavers.  They never change their minds because their knowledge is much more vast than ours is.  In contrast, humans can change their minds every moment of every day.  That is the beauty of being human.  Each moment is a new opportunity to forgive ourselves our perceived failures, accept ourselves for who we are and what we’ve been through, and make a fresh start, just like Michael did before he died.  And as Michael found out in my story, fresh starts are messy, imperfect, and unpredictable.  They rarely meet our expectations, but if we’re patient with ourselves and the people around us, they just may surpass them.

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