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Three Humans.  Two Sides.  One war that’s raged since time began

CATHERINE wakes up in the hospital, shocked to learn she’s trapped at the center of an ancient battle between Angels and demons. To survive, she must first forgive herself for the damage she caused while under the influence of demons–a task that seems impossible until the last person she would ever trust shows up and offers to help.

JASON may be dead, but he’s still in withdrawal and the Devil is waiting for him.  He offers Jason a fix–for a price.  Jason knows he shouldn’t bargain with the devil, but he’s sure he can outsmart him–until he discovers a deadly secret about himself that could destroy whats left of his family.

MICHAEL died on the threshold of a brand new life.  Now, as her Guardian, he will do whatever it takes to keep Catherine safe, but he’s fighting against the Devil, a community turned against them, a destiny they have yet to uncover, and a newly dead enemy who wants revenge.  Michael hates Catherine’s ex-boyfriend, Jason, but things get complicated when he learns one of them left a little piece of himself behind.


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Catherine Forsythe is a Syfy-spouting geek who secretly believes an Angel plays songs for her on the radio whenever she needs a lift.

Michael Casey is an aspiring rock guitarist with a past full of rumors and fervent wish for a fresh start.

When Catherine witnesses Michael die in a horrific accident, everything she ever believed is called into question.  Then she discovers his ghost is trapped in the woods near her home.  With Catherine being the only one who can see him, Michael reluctantly allows her to befriend him, and in time they learn they are not so different after all.  They’ve each had their demons to fight.  But there is a limit to what Michael is willing to share about his past, and as he loses hope, he starts to fade.  Catherine, determined to free him before he fades away completely, is convinced Michael must face his past–all of it–before he can move on.  Stonewalled by Michael at every turn, she enlists her ex-boyfriend, Jason, to help her dig deeper, but as they close in on  the terrible truth surrounding Michael’s childhood, the demon-plagued nightmares Catherine suffered as a child return and Jason falls mysteriously ill.  As Jason and Catherine’s lives unravel, Catherine begins to wonder if her music-loving Angel has a counterpart…a much darker one.

Let the war within begin.